Selection of Materials for Lightning Protection System

The components of Lightning Protection System (LPS) are exposed to direct lightning strikes and corrosive atmosphere. To achieve efficiency, the materials should have high current withstanding capacity and the materials should be less corrosive. The current carrying capacity of a material depends on the cross sectional area and the materials should be selected based on the local environment.

A material which is most preferable for some site conditions might be the least preferred material for other site conditions due to its chemical properties.

Apart from the corrosion of materials due to the local environment, the contact of two dissimilar materials also lead to galvanic corrosion.

Hence, IEC 62305 suggests the materials that can be used for different corrosive environments and it also given minimum cross sectional area for different materials of LPS Components.

Minimum Cross sectional area of different materials:

Protection against corrosion:

Aluminium has very good electrical conductivity but it more prone to corrosion on soil and concrete medium. Hence, they can be used for air terminal and down conductor systems above the ground level and connected to earthing system of GI/Copper/SS using proper bimetallic connectors. The fasteners or sleeves for aluminium conductors should be of similar metal and of adequate cross-section to avoid failure by adverse weather conditions.

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