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Providing a low resistance path to the ground for the fault currents to ensure the safety of the operating personnel and the equipments is earthing. It comprises of an earth electrode, earth enhancing compound and a terminal connector.

As mentioned by IS 3043, the conduction of current in an earthing system is electrolytic in nature and the soil surrounding the earth electrode acts as electrolyte. Hence the Earth Resistance of an electrode is made up of the following factors:

Resistance of the (metal) electrode,
Contact resistance range between the electrode and the soil
Resistance of the soil from the earth electrode surface for dissipating current outward to infinite earth.
The major components of Earthing System are
Earth Electrode
Earth Enhancing Compound
Terminal Connector

Earth Electrode:

Earth Electrodes are the most important part of earthing system. The main function is to safely dissipate the fault currents to ground without any damage. IS3043 suggests the following configurations of Earth electrodes.
The image shows the earth electrode configurations suggested by IS3043.


Plate - 99% electrolytic pure copper / Hop dip galvanized as per IS 2629
Plate – Provided with Blunt edges for easy handling during logistics
Hot dip galvanized Pipe, Funnel and Clamps to reduce the effect of corrosion on the earthing system
SS Bolts & Nuts are used to enhance the life and to provide electrical continuity.
Image of plate earth electrode.


The pipes are of Class B type with greater wall thickness
which provides

• High current carrying capacity

• Greater lifetime &

• Good mechanical strength to the electrode
Adequate coating thickness of Zinc reduces the effect of corrosion on the electrode, thus enhancing the lifetime of the pipe electrode
Electrically conductive and anti-corrosive mineral compound filled inside & between the pipes to increase the mechanical strength and extend the lifetime of the earth electrode.
Larger terminal with greater thickness (12mm)  provided for high current carrying capacity and to provide better electrical continuity.
PIP earth electrode is tested for short-circuit current carrying capacity at CPRI, India.
A pipe in pipe electrode.


Inner steel core provides good mechanical strength to the electrodes.
Adequate copper coating reduces the effect of corrosion on the electrode, thus enhancing lifetime of the rod.
Superior Electrical conductivity.
Cost effective.
Easy to handle
Easy to install.
Tested for short circuit current carrying capacity at CPRI, India and Environmental test at NABL approved laboratory
UL listed
Copper bonded rods.

Earth enhancing compound is a highly conductive and anti-corrosive compound filled around the earth electrode to enhance the faster dissipation of fault currents into the ground.

In areas with soils of high resistivity, multiple earth rods in parallel connection may fail to produce an adequately low resistance to earth value. The alternative way for reducing the earth resistance value is to reduce the resistivity of the soil immediately surrounding the earth electrode as the major part of the fall in potential occurs closer to the electrode surface. Hence, using highly conductive earth enhancing compounds around the earth electrode is an effective way of achieving low earth resistance value.

Since the materials are directly exposed to the environment, the impact of these materials is very high and it may pollute the land and groundwater. Hence, special care should be taken in selecting the materials for Earth Enhancing Compounds. The materials should have the following characteristics.

It should have low resistivity
It should be chemically inert to the subsoil.
It should not pollute the environment
It should provide a stable environment for the earthing system
It should not be corrosive to the earth electrodes being used.
It should be hygroscopic in nature.
It should be able to maintain moisture to enhance conductivity.


CARBOLITE is best suited Earth Enhancing compound for normal and moderate soil conditions. It contains various natural minerals which are anti corrosive and highly conductive mixed together and made into powdery form to be used around the earth electrode to increase the efficiency of the earthing system.

Armour Carbolite earthing compound of 25kgs pack.


CARBOTITE is an earth enhancing compound made specially for high resistive soil conditions. It contains 70% of carbon in it to bring down the resistivity around the electrode to minimum.

Armour Carbolite earthing compound of 20kgs pack.

Earth Pit Chamber

Earth pit chamber.


CI Manhole cover.
Product name
Product Code
Diameted of Top
Diameter of bottom
3T Earth pit Chamber & Cover
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
5T Earth pit Chamber & Cove
High Density Polyethylene
Product name
Product Code
Dimension in mm
Weight in Kg
CI chamber
Cast Iron
CI chamber
Cast Iron
450x450/ 600 x 600
35 /50
CI chamber
Cast Iron
450x450/ 600x600
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